License transfer to RPA Platform

Please note: We will shut down the Helpdesk soon. Please update your releases to Hyland RPA 22.2. To view the latest documentation for Hyland RPA 22.2 release visit Hyland Docs.

With the latest release of Hyland RPA 2.0, we provide the option to transfer licensees between Hyland RPA Legacy and Hyland RPA Platform (2.0) products.

The transfer is available for the following products:

Target product Destination product
RPA Conductor

RPA Conductor Platform


Transferring the License

To transfer the license:

  1. Log on to the customer portal.
  2. In the left pane, select Hyland RPA Platform.
  3. In the Hyland RPA Conductor pane, click Migrate legacy conductor licenses. mceclip2.png
  4. Select the legacy conductor license key to migrate.
  5. Select the number of activations you want to transfer from legacy Conductor and Conductor Platform.
  6. Click Start Migrationmceclip3.png

How many activations can be transferred? 

  • The migration can transfer all open activations from legacy Conductor to Conductor Platform. 

How can existing customers get a license for the RPA Web Platform?

  • The license for the latest RPA platform will be created during the license migration between legacy Conductor and Conductor Platform. 
  • You should be able to access the following product: mceclip4.png


Is it possible to migrate from Conductor Platform to legacy Conductor?

  • Currently, the migration works only from legacy Conductor to Conductor Platform.
    If you want to migrate back from Conductor Platform to legacy Conductor, contact Customer Support


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