AM Ensemble 2020.2 - Beta

AM Muse

The following new features appear in this release:

  • Click-through solution
  • New tab Plugins to manage (disable/enable) your export plug-ins
  • Consolidation of MS Office plug-ins to an All-in-One Solution
  • New license screen in adaption to the new Customer Portal

The following bugs are fixed within this release:

  • Application routing works correctly after recent projects cannot be found and are not searched for – in Editing mode and Start window
  • No exception anymore when runs are merged which contain screenshots with different resolutions
  • Action properties are correctly mapped when editing multiple actions on one window
  • Saving temp files from temp pop-up works again
  • Snipping horizontally or vertically with a height/width of 0 does not lead to an error anymore

We are aware of the following bugs:

  • When exporting your project as ampro file, the Automation Provider for Open or Attach Browser is missing and needs to be selected manually
  • "System.NullReferenceException" is thrown as an error sporadically during indication. The first workaround is to restart the Smart Indicator and make sure a blue rectangle is shown during indication. The second workaround is to indicate the element by turning on the Smart Indicator, press ALT or CTRL+Drag the rectangle on your own

This version of the AM Muse is compatible with the following versions of the AM Ensemble:

  • AM Composer 1.35.5
  • AM Activities 1.35.5 due to Selenium adaptions
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