AM Launcher

The AM Launcher helps you to install/update our products quickly and easily and to create Rollout-Kits. To download the AM Launcher, please have a look here.

To get a short introduction to the AM Launcher, we have prepared a short FAQ, so that you can start directly with the installation.

Please Note! If you have a proxy server in place, the AM Launcher won´t be able to access your license server and therefore cannot be executed. In this case, please enter our Customer Portal and download our products separately, as described here.


What can I do with the AM Launcher?

The AM Launcher is an easy to use desktop application that manages the product installation & lifecycle management for the AM Ensemble. With the AM Launcher you can:

  • Install & update your licensed products


  • Create Rollout-Kits for un-attended robot clients


Which packages contain which products?

Composer: Composer and Activities

Conductor: Conductor, Workflowrobot and Activities

Muse: Muse

Console: Console

Can I access an older product version with the AM Launcher?

Yes, click on the product (e.g. Composer) select a different product version and click install. The AM Launcher will then install the selected product version.

How can I switch to an older product version?

To switch to an older product version simply uninstall the latest version and select the version of your choice within the version-dropdown.


Why can I maintain environments in AM Launcher settings?

The environment inside the AM Launcher settings is used to configure certain products for your specific environment. Per default, we will use your default environment. As of today, we only configure the Conductor during the installation process. Additional products will follow with future updates.


Which environment is used when I install the Conductor?

When you install the Conductor, we will use your default environment to configure the AM Conductor for you. So, with one click on Install the Conductor, the Workflowrobot & the latest Activities are installed on your system, under the same folder path logic. Your Conductor is ready to go after the installation is completed incl. the encrypted connection string. The Workflowrobot is also configured with the encrypted connection and the activity folder path, based on your default installation path.

How can I set a default environment?

Navigate to Settings – Environments and right-click on the environment. Choose to Make default in the context menu. You can also edit the environment and change the default environment there.


Does the AM Launcher activate my products?

Yes, with an active internet connection we will try to activate your product against our license services. If the activation failed, you need to activate the application during the first launch of the app.

When can I use a Rollout-Kit?

You can use a Rollout-Kit whenever you want to install products on clients without access to the internet or without access to the AM Launcher. General use-cases for Rollout-Kits are the distribution of AM Ensemble updates. Rollout-Kits configure our products up to a certain point so that they’re ready to work after distribution.


Can I enable Auto-Updates for my products?

Auto-Update for your products is not yet possible but might be added going forward.

Can I enable Auto-Updates for the AM Launcher?

Yes, you can, just set the checkbox Enable Auto-Update AM Launcher. The AM Launcher will then keep itself up to date during startup.


How can I set the installation path for my products?

To change the installation path of your products, go to Settings and change the default installation folder. Your next product installation will be installed in the selected directory. Please note that we do not move your existing installations.

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