Adjusting Analyst (former Muse) generated AMPRO files to compatible Activity versions

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Changes on from version 1.38.

Now the Analyst (former Muse) indicates a minimum version compatible for you and will automatically convert the file without any need for confirmation or action to adjust the version numbers.

Nevertheless, make sure to install a compatible version, ideally, Analyst (former Muse) 1.38 -> Designer (former Composer) and Activities 1.38.


Versions below 1.38

AMPRO files that were generated by the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) always have one property which will tells the Designer (former Composer) which Activities to use for opening the workflow files.

For every official release, this version number will be adjusted by Another Monday - so that official Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) release and official Activities release work together smoothly. Nevertheless, compatibility is often given even for lower or higher Activity versions (you can look up compatibilities here).

We will now give you three options on how to make sure you can open Analyst (former Muse) generated AMPRO files in the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer):


1. Make sure to have the compatible official Activities Release installed

If you install the latest official release of the Activities, you won't have any issues opening Analyst (former Muse) generated AMPROs at all. Even though this is the easiest solution, you might want to use beta releases of the Activities, therefore we have two other options for you.


2. Change Activity version within the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer)

Once you exported an AMPRO file from Analyst (former Muse) and want to open it with the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer) and do not have the mentioned last official release of the Activities installed, the Designer (former Composer) asks you to change the version to an existing one within three pop-ups:


It suggests you follow the first option described here or to click the Change version button. If you do so, you can choose the Activity version of your choice - again, make sure they are compatible.


Finally, the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer) asks you, if you want to backup your AMPRO because of the Activity change.


Afterward, you are able to work with the Analyst (former Muse) generated AMPRO file and the Activity version you chose.

Since these pop-ups might be annoying, especially if you have to go through the process every time, we suggest following the third option.


3.  Adjusting the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) config file to change the Analyst (former Muse) generated Activity property

Since compatibility is given most of the time, the best way to make sure you can directly open every AMPRO with your Activity version is to change the generated property already within the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse).

To do so, please go to your installation folder and open the AM.Muse.exe.config with an application of your choice.

In line number 31 and 32 you will find the possibility to change the Activity and Skeleton version number used for Analyst (former Muse)'s AMPRO export:


Adjust the version number to your preferred value, save the config file and you are ready to export with the Activity version of your choice!

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