Exporting your Project Results

Your AM Muse project is exportable in two ways and three formats.

First, visual documentation of all runs, windows and actions can be exported in PDF and PPT formats. To export the files, click on Export > Export as PDF or Export as PPT in the Menu. Afterwards, your export will be opened. Both PDF and PPT files will look the same and contain the following elements:

  • Front page with Process name and date
  • Overview page with Project information: Process name, Author, Customer, Department, Process Summary
  • Run Overview: Name of every run, an identifier for the slides and the range of slide numbers
  • Slides for every window, with all actions highlighted, action types and descriptions
Please note! For the PPT and PDF export, Microsoft PowerPoint must be installed on your device.

Secondly, an AMPRO workflow file is loadable into the AM Composer and can be exported using Export > Export as AMPRO in the Menu. This technical documentation transfers the following information from the AM Muse to the Composer:

  • AMPRO file with all runs as sequential XAMLs
  • Scope activities: Open Application and Attach Window/Browser activities
  • Target activities: Click element with the properties Right click, Left click and Left double click, Get text and Set text activities
  • Selector values for indicated applications, windows and actions
  • Automation provider used for indication

To open the AMPRO created by the AM Muse in the Composer, please follow these steps:


  1. Open the Composer.
  2. Load the exported AMPRO into the Composer.
  3. Find all runs exported as XAMLs in the Solution Explorer in the folder
  4. Double click on a run to open and view the sequenced activities.
  5. Start enhancing the workflow and building your bot.
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