Installation and Licensing

Installation of the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) application

Please have a look at this article:

Install and Activate your Applications

Installation of Enterprise plug-in(s)

You can only install Enterprise plug-ins (e.g. the MS Office Enterprise export) when a valid license is assigned to your Customer account.

You can download the plug-ins as a .zip file from our Customer Portal. As soon as you click on a certain version on the product page or the Download button on the Hyland RPA page, the exports will be shown on the right under the application download.


Make sure to download the plug-in version which is connected to your application version above.

As soon as you downloaded the zip, go to your installation folder of the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) and unzip the plug-in into the "Plugins" folder, where two built-in plug-ins are already located. Afterward, it should look like this:


If you (re-)start the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) now, your plug-in is loaded and manageable through the Plug-in Manager in the Menu.


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