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Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) is an easy-to-use software that smartly tracks your process steps to create process documentation on a click level, saving all technical data in the background. The intelligent and efficient documentation of the process understanding is the perfect source of inspiration for the creation of step-by-step manuals as well as modeling of process workflows and even as enablement for automation.

How It Works

Manually created process documentation using snipping tools is a thing of the past.
Thanks to our Smart Indicator, Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) automatically captures all key process information and documents clicking, reading, and writing interactions with the system and its applications while the process owner (the one who executes the process regularly) performs it in the live environment. The identified interactions are converted to editable and describable process runs. Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) does not only track the “happy path”, but you are also able to create multiple runs to make sure that all alternatives and decisions are covered.

Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) can enhance your process analysis in 3 different ways and gives you all you need to understand processes logic and overcome process understanding challenges:

  1. Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) provides the fastest way to automatically document your business processes, and its logic on a click level, which enables the intuitive creation of step-by-step guides, digital adoption manuals, and instructions. This way, it makes it easier for you to transfer knowledge in the case of business process outsourcing (BPO) or onboarding of new employees. You can export your documentation as a PowerPoint, PDF, or Word file, including all screenshots, descriptions, and highlighted actions.
  2. Is process understanding not visible enough? With the automated overlay (we call this the "workflow merge") of the various process variants, intuitive decision-making between individual process steps can be identified. This capability of the Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) software makes the export into process modeling formats possible. Editable workflows are mapped automatically. The workflows are ready to visualize exception handling, standardization potentials, as well as process inefficiencies.
  3. In the context of Robotic Process Automation, Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) unfolds its fullest potential. During the process analysis phase, Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) documents not only the process logic but also saves all relevant technical information in the background that is needed to automate processes. Loss of information between parties (arising due to application discontinuity) is minimized because of the integrated information capture of our Smart Process Tracking© methodology. Pre-build workflows are importable into Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer), which significantly increases automation speed.


Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) is the first choice for automatic documentation of business processes without any additional help or extensive training. It is designed to describe your process logic in a way that a third person or the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer) can understand it in all its facets. By exporting into common formats, it provides an ideal basis for transferring knowledge, optimizing, and automating processes.

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