The AM Muse is our software tool that intelligently tracks your processes. Its output “inspires” the AM Composer with a draft of your process to further refine it (This is why we call her “Muse.”)

Essentially, the AM Muse is an easy-to-use software application that allows you to efficiently document your business processes on a click level. The value the AM Muse offers can be split into two points:

  1. As a standalone product, AM Muse provides the fastest way to document your business processes.
  2. In the context of RPA, it is used in the process analysis phase. It significantly boosts your automation speed by importing your process documentation as a base for your automation project.

What does that mean? Imagine you could use only a small software tool and a short video tutorial that would allow you to document business processes without any additional help. In addition, you can also import the process documentation into your RPA tool to automate that process directly or with minimal fine-tuning. With our AM Muse, this scenario has become reality.

The AM Muse captures and documents interactions with your system and its applications, clicking, and reading and writing. It captures all key process information while users perform processes in a live system. The identified interactions are converted to editable process runs, and the user can create multiple runs to cover all possible alternatives of a process.

There are several ways to visualize and synthesize your process with the AM Muse. First, you can save your captured information as an AM Muse project file and use this file format to complete or edit your process. Second, you can export your visualization as a PowerPoint or PDF “click instruction” file, including all screenshots and the actions on each screen.  Lastly, you can export your workflow draft to the AM Composer and continue to analyze and document your process in the AMPRO file. As all export functions are implemented as plugins, you can also generate and develop your own export file formats that support your process documentation or process automation tools.

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