Run Overview

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From the editing mode, you can easily switch to the Run overview. This is where you can manage your alternative process flows, or your runs.


On the left, you will see all process runs listed by name (1). Clicking on a run displays numbered window miniatures on the right. Double-clicking on one window preview opens the corresponding run and navigates to the clicked-on window. In addition, you can open the run by clicking Open (2) in the lower right corner or by double-clicking on the run in the left list.

The list on the left is where you can duplicate, rename or delete runs by right-clicking on them (3). Additional runs can be created by clicking the plus button, ➕(4).

The Run overview is the ideal place to combine and compile new runs and process alternatives from already existing and captured windows. This is because just like in the window panel in the editing mode, you can cut, copy, insert, delete and start new runs from all windows. Just mark the window(s) you want to select (using control or shift for multiple windows), perform a right-click to open the menu and choose your operation. Additionally, you can also use Ctrl+X for cutting, Ctrl+C for copying and Ctrl+V for inserting windows.

Of course, this also works cross-runs so you can re-use parts/windows of certain runs in other process flows.


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