Start Window

The Hyland RPA Analyst (former AM Muse) interface is highly intuitive. After the application has opened, go to the Start Window and begin Smart Process Tracking.


Main Menu

  1. Creating a New Project: To create a new project, click New. You are then redirected to the documenting mode.
  2. Opening an Existing Project: To open an existing project, click Open. You can now browse through your folders to locate previously-created XMUSE files.
  3. Changing Settings: To change application settings, click on Settings. In Settings, you can change language, themes, access support information, and review your license. Additional information can also be found in the Menu section.
  4. Accessing Help: To access help, click on Help. The link will then redirect you to the AM Support website where you can find documentation and community support.

To the right of the Start Window, you will find your ten most recently accessed projects, including their name and file location.

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