AM Ensemble 2019.2

Please note: We will shut down the Helpdesk soon. Please update your releases to Hyland RPA 22.2. To view the latest documentation for Hyland RPA 22.2 release visit Hyland Docs.

AM Composer

The following new features appear in this release:

  • Workflow Validation: The process validation enables the user to check the complete process for errors with a single click. All detected errors are displayed as a result of the validation in an error list in Composer. Each list entry is provided with links so that the user can navigate directly to the error as soon as he double clicks on it. Of course, all linked microbots are also validated.
  • Artefact Panel: Easy drag- & drop to build workflows directly from the artefacts
  • Focus on latest focused activity after successful run (jump back to previous scope)
  • Focus on faulted activity after run ended with error
  • Navigate to faulted activities from inside the execution log
  • Get informed about new Composer versions available
  • Direct download and install new versions from inside the composer

The following bugs are fixed within this release:

  • Error thrown when changing activity version
  • Error thrown for executionof non-existing task numbers using run for task
  • Namespaces added to xaml causes issues
  • execution of looped workflows gives the impression that the execution does not start

This version of the AM Composer is compatible with the following versions of the AM Ensemble:

  • AM.Core.Activities
  • AM.WorkflowRobot
  • Database Version 24.1 and higher


AM Activities 1.6.2

The following new features appear in this release:

  • Vision Sensor: Based on smart image recognition the Vision Sensor enables you to set target elements when you can't use other automation providers. This is especially helpful in remote desktop environments like citrix
  • Java Element Sensor: It is now possible to automate Java Applications based on AWT (like Java Swing). Just activate the Java Accessibility Bridge in the settings and you can use our Java Element Sensor
  • New Activities: Remove Datatable Column, Are equal, Are not Equal
  • Added screenshot before Clean Screen Exit in case of an error
  • All activities appear in a new color
  • Option to skip ssl certificate validation added to mail activities
  • Get Visible Text Activity is removed, please use Get Text by Anchor instead

The following bugs are fixed within this release:

  • Find elements activity caused issues with workflows
  • Fixed typos at several places 
  • Move file destination path is fixed
  • Cancellation now works for Invoke Workflows
  • Save screenshot from burger menu no longer disposes the image 

This version of AM Activities is compatible with the following versions of the AM Ensemble:

  • AM Composer
  • AM.WorkflowRobot



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