About maintenance

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During development, we often need to automate the same steps in more than one workflow/project. Therefore, it should be a common practice to create workflows that contain small steps of automation and add them to the Library.

There is no universal recipe that tells you how to split any given process. However, separation of business logic from the automation components is a good principle that helps with building a code that can be reused effectively.

Hyland RPA provides two types of elements to maintain your process:

Artefacts: Artefacts are objects (such as selector values of elements or screen templates) that are saved centrally in the database and contain information on legacy apps used. After changes to the software, the artefact must be updated centrally in the Hyland RPA Manager (former AM Console) once (e.g. with a new version number) and the object is automatically updated in all processes referring to the artefact.

Microbots: Microbots are shareable, updateable smaller process blocks, such as a login to SAP. These can be changed centrally and then merged into the relevant processes. In addition, the Microbots speed up the process of development and reduce complexity.


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