Run methods

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The Designer (former Composer) provides the user with two different run methods.

Dry Run

The Dry Run executes the workflow file inside the Designer (former Composer) without any effect on a task. The script is executed within the Designer (former Composer).


Run with Task

Run with Task is not a simple execution of the workflow inside the Designer (former Composer) Application. Rather, it starts the AM WorkflowRobot from inside the Designer (former Composer). Before starting the execution, the user needs to provide the Task ID of the Task that is going to be executed. The workflow receives the input data from the task and writes a log and task status back in the database. The Pop-up watcher is executed parallel to the workflow itself. Tasks executed with Run with Task in the Designer (former Composer) can be viewed within the AM Console.

Run with Task requires the following information to be provided:

  1. Database Environment
  2. Processor ID
  3. Task Type IDs


Both execution methods provide the option to run normally or in debug mode.


The normal run executes the workflow file without indicating the executed activities or taking breakpoints into account. This is the fastest way to run a process.

Debug Run

The debug run opens all Microbots inside the process and indicates all execution steps by surrounding the executed activities with a yellow frame. During this process, the user has the ability to pause the workflow on previously-defined activities by inserting breakpoints in the workflow.

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