Argument Mapping

Any time you drag and drop a workflow or microbot into the workspace area of an active project, the variable mapping dialog will open. In the below example, we will map and pass a variable (variable1) from the MainScriptRunner_DCO to an argument (argument1) of an invoked Workflow myNewWorkflow.xaml. The default value of variable1 is "Hello World".





To perform the mapping, select the parent variable1 (1) and the child argument1 (2), then press the Link button (3).


If a variable/argument does not yet exist in the Parent/Child Workchild, you have the possibility to click mirror (4) your variable/argument. The variable/argument is created and automatically linked.

The mapping result will then look like this:



The execution log appears as follows:


This video is based on the former AM products before the switch and rebranding to Hyland RPA.


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