MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a common tool in automation projects. AM Composer and its activities offer various ways to interact with Microsoft Excel.

Please note! Microsoft Excel has to be installed on the client in order to use the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel assembly.


Activity Description
Open workbook Excel scope activity, that open's or creates a workbook.
Close workbook Close a workbook.
Append range Write a defined range e.g. from a Data Table into an Excel sheet.
Clear filter Clear all filters inside the sheet or table.
Delete column Delete a column in a sheet or table.
Encrypt workbook Encrypt an Excel workbook. The password is then required as an input.
Execute macro Execute an Excel macro.
Filter table Set a filter on a sheet or table.
Find range Search for a value throughout the sheet or within a defined range.
Get cell color Readout the colour of a cell and return the colour as a String.
Get cell formula Readout the cell formula and return it as a String.
Get cell value Readout the value of a cell and return it as a String.
Insert column Insert a column into a sheet or table.
Read range Readout a range and store all values in a DataTable.
Set range color Colour a range with the chosen colour.
Sort table Sort a sheet or table.
To CSV Convert the workbook into a .csv file
Write range Write a DataTable into a sheet.
Write cell Write a text into a cell.
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