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The project settings screen provides access to all required metadata within the active automation project.


Update project metadata and the assigned activity version in the project.


The table below will explain the available inputs in detail:

Element Description
(1) Process Name Name of the process (also the name of the file).
(2) Process Author Analyst that performs/implements the automation project.
(3) Process Summary Additional process information.
(4) Customer The automation project´s customer.
(5) Department Department in which the process is executed.
(6) Activities Assigned activity version to the automation project.



Settings - Environment presents the settings used when connecting the automation project with the database environment AM Heart. In addition, it also provides the necessary metadata to allow the robots to execute while unattended using Hyland RPA Conductor and the Workflowrobot.

Please note! It is required to set up a database connection to use these functions: Run with Tasks and Artefacts.

The checkbox Windows authentication allows authentication to Hyland RPA Heart with your windows AD credentials.


Element Description
(1) Select Database Select the desired database. You can also create, edit or delete your database here.
(2) Server Data Maintained server data within the environment parameters. It is also possible to maintain server data without using predefined parameters.
(3) Platform Information Platform information required to connect your project file with maintained process data in AM Heart. Processor and Task Types can be chosen via drop-down menu.



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