Properties Panel

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The Properties panel contains two of the most frequently used features of the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer): the Properties and the Solution Explorer. The Properties contain all available properties for a selected activity. The Solution Explorer displays all available Workflow.xaml-files.

Solution Explorer

Solution Explorer is used to manage the project file structure. You can easily add or remove building blocks from the current project using the available toolbar. In addition, it is possible to add Microbots from the repository to the project.

Microbots are centralized workflow files stored in a company-wide repository. Changes to these Microbots can easily be pushed or pulled to reduce maintenance efforts and minimize development costs.

Please Note! See our article to read more about Microbots.


There are three options when adding a workflow to your project structure.


You can also right click on the BuildingBlock folder icon in the Solution Explorer and add the elements from there.



Action Description
(1) Add from Repository Add an existing Microbot from the Microbot repository.
(2) Add from File Add an existing workflow.xaml to the project structure.
(3) Add new File Create a new .xaml file and add it to the project structure.


Add from Repository

To add a workflow from the repository, (1) select the workflow file from the microbot repository (HelloWorld.xaml) (2) Press next. (3) Select the folder within the project structure where the workflow should be stored, and (4) press ok.



Add from File

(1) Click the Add from File button and browse for the workflow.xaml, and (2) press Open.


Add new File

To add a new file, select the desired storage location and press add a new file. Then (1) Create a file name and (2) press Ok (2).





The properties allow users to access all available properties of the selected activity. You can either maintain the properties directly inside the property panel or use the expression editor.




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