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If you want to combine several activities, you can do this by creating a template.

Create XAML

A template is stored in the format of a XAML. The easiest way to create a XAML is to create a new workflow file. This can be done through the following steps:

1. Navigate with your mouse to the Solution Explorer.
2. Right click on BuildingblocksHelpers or Application.
3. Select Add new Workflow File.





4. Assign a name to your new workflow.


A new workflow file has now been created. Within this workflow, you can now create your template:


After you´ve finished your template, you can save the workflow as a template.

5. Right click on your template workflow:


6. Select Save As Local File.



7. Save the created file in Composer\Templates.

8. Open the Templates tab.

9. Press Refresh to see your new template (1).

10. Microbot is now added to your templates (2).







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