The AM Composer is a drag and drop RPA tool that aims to make the implementation of process automation as intuitive as possible (low to no code). You can mimic all interaction between a human and a computer by simply dragging the corresponding click, write or read activities into your workflow panel.

Are you familiar with FrontPage, WordPress or Dreamweaver? All these applications allow you to build websites without coding. The AM Composer does the same for process automation. Given a little bit of practice you will be able to automate processes yourself, without any prior experience in the field.

Its full potential can be harvested by importing your process documentation from the AM Muse. That way you don’t start from zero and your implementation time will be reduced by an average of X percent.

The outcome of the implementation phase using the AM Composer is a software robot (bot), your first digital employee. It only needs to be deployed to relive you from mundane and repetitive tasks.

The AM Composer uses a graphical interface with drag and drop features to build process flow charts. It is divided into easy-to-use Analyst and Developer Views, both of which offer numerous configuration options. You can even develop your own automation activities based on your unique requirements.

Developer View does not mean you need trained developers for the job. Given a certain level of process understanding and enough curiosity, anybody can handle bot development as both the Analyst and Developer Views are based on drag and drop logic. The beauty of our solution lies in the efficient use of RPA experts (external or internal). They are only used for particularly difficult parts of the development, resulting in reduced intelligent process automation time


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