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Credentials are managed and stored inside the Hyland Heart. You can receive and load the credentials from the database using the following activities:


(1) Get Password and Username

Load the password and username from the Hyland Heart and store both in the defined variables.

(2) Set Text

Set the username to an Indicated Input field.

(3) Set Secure Text

Set the password to an Indicated Input field.

Please note! In order to load the credentials from Hyland Heart it is mandatory to set up a connection to the Hyland Heart using the ConnectionString argument.

The values for username (Login name) and password (Secure Password) are stored in two variables. The username is stored as a String and the password is stored as a SecureString. The identification expression for the user client (System Tables - Client) and the application ID (System Tables - Application) are mandatory and must match the values maintained inside the HylandHeart.


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