Debugging and Breakpoints

Running a workflow inside the Designer (former Composer) application provides the following debugging options:

1. Pause the workflow whenever desired by pressing the Pause button.


2. Use breakpoints to previously define activities inside the workflow where the workflow execution should pause. To insert a breakpoint, (1) right-click on the activity, (2) click on Breakpoint in the context menu, and (3) click Insert Breakpoint. Similarly, the user can remove or disable breakpoints as desired.


Both methods cause the workflow execution to pause. In this state, the Designer (former Composer) is set to Read-only mode. You can continue the execution again by different methods:

1. Click Continue Workflow Execution to reach the next breakpoint or jump to the end if there are no additional breakpoints.


2. Click Step-by-Step Execution Pausing after the execution of each activity.


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