Building Blocks

Please note: We will shut down the Helpdesk soon. Please update your releases to Hyland RPA 22.2. To view the latest documentation for Hyland RPA 22.2 release visit Hyland Docs.

A building block divides the process into logical blocks. The exact division is typically specified by the Analyst or the Developer. However, users should insert a new building block at the least when the application is changed (e.g. from Excel to a web browser). At Hyland, we try to use building blocks only at the highest structural level.


There are two available building block activities: Building Block Flowchart and Building Block Sequence. We will cover the differences between flowcharts and sequences in the next section. It is also possible to extract the building block into a separate workflow file by right-clicking the context menu function Extract Workflow.


To extract the workflow, follow the steps listed below.


  1. Select Local or Global to either create a local workflow file or create a microbot (global). 
  2. Set the name of the workflow file.
  3. Select a file location.
  4. Press Ok.





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