SAP Automation Activities

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SAP ERP-system is a common ERP-system used across various industries for managing business operations and customer relations. The flow of data that SAP handles requires multiple repetitive tasks to be conducted, which can get quite tedious and time-consuming. The following activities will help you to automate your SAP processes.
Activity Description
Click SAP Grid Cell Click the Cell von GridView component of SAP by giving row index and column identifier.
Double Click SAP Grid Cell Performs a double-click to a specific grid-cell.
Get SAP Grid Cell Value Gets the value of a specific grid-cell.
Get SAP Grid Column Amount Gets the amount of columns of a specific SAP grid.
Get SAP Grid Row Amount Gets the amount of rows of a specific SAP grid.
Press SAP Grid Button Presses a button in a specific SAP grid.
Get SAP GridView Gets the GridView component from SAP.
Select SAP Grid Row Selects SAP grid Row.
Set SAP Grid Cell Value Sets a value into a cell of a SAP grid.
Get SAP Statusbar Message Gets the statusbar message from SAP.
Run SAP Command Runs an SAP command.
See here how to activate SAP Scripting.
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