Log Files

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Log files contain diagnostic log messages and can be found in the Log folder of the Designer (former Composer).



The log files can be found in the writable path: %LOCALAPPDATA%\AnotherMonday\Composer\Logs. In older versions of the Designer, you could find subfolders with different logs of different parts of the application but current versions produce one log containing all information.
Hint: Sort by Date to find the latest log easily.


Log Level Threshold

Usually, applications discriminate different log levels. Each log entry is logged on a defined log level which describes the severity of the entry (e.g. DEBUG, INFO, WARN or ERROR). In the config file of the executable (AM.Composer.exe.config), which can be found in the installation folder, you can set up a threshold for the application so that log entries of a more detailed log level will not be added to the log file. Using an editor of your choice you can edit this setting.

In the following picture the threshold setting was set to INFO which means that all INFO entries or entries of higher severity will be logged (for the sake of overview we collapsed a few XML entries here but you will find the line under configuration > log4net > root > level).


Please Note! Be aware that log files may contain confidential information (e.g. Activities log their input and output arguments on DEBUG level). Higher severity threshold usually reduces the amount of confidential information therefore we recommend setting the threshold to INFO in normal cases. Always check log files before you share them.


Disable Activities to write a log entry

To prevent certain activities from being written to the log, the option 'Disable Log' can be checked.






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