The settings menu includes general settings for the AM Composer like parameters, the customization of the quick access toolbar and the repository configuration.


Customize and create parameters in the AM Composer. Parameters includes user metadata, customers and environments, and allow you to maintain metadata just once, then reuse them in various automation projects.


Element Description
(1) Users Add, edit or delete user parameters.
(2) Customer Add, edit or delete customer parameters.
(3) Environment Add, edit or delete environment parameters. Link environments to customers using the add environment dialog.


Quick access 




The quick access toolbar above the ribbon allows quick access to the most common functions of the composer. These functions include:

Action Description
Open Open a recent project or a project stored on your computer.
Save Save the project. The hotkey (CTRL+S) is also available.
Undo Undo the previous action.
Redo Redo the previous action.
Send mail Export the workflow and send it with the default mail tool.
Variable Management Quick access to the variable management view.
Back Navigate back within the workflow outline.

Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button to add more elements to the quick access toolbar.

To update the sequence of available actions, press More Options to open the quick access toolbar settings menu.



First, select the action (1), then press Add (2) to add an action into the quick access toolbar.




To remove an action from the quick access toolbar, select the action (1) then press Remove (2).



Here, you can store the file path for your repositories for your Activities, Microbots and Skeletons.

Simply click on the dots (1) behind the paths to select your folder path.

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