Acceptance Protocol

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After the tasks have been processed, the robots create acceptance protocols if desired. These protocols are .pdf documents that list the actions of the robot along with a screenshot and description. They can be copied to any desired fileshare location and can be used for various purposes. This ensures that the actions of the robot do not run in a black box and simplifies the departmental approval process.


Please Note: The described functionality is only valid for running processes with the Hyland RPA Designer (former AM Composer). To configure your protocols for your production environment, please have a closer look here.

To write a protocol, the Configure Protocol Activity (1) is required at the beginning of the process. Here, the desired folder path can be set along with the protocol type, either pdf, html or both.

By default, every action in the process is written to the protocol, but it is possible to add an additional message to the protocol using 'Add Message to Protocol'. Moreover, a screenshot can also be added here.

To write the protocol, Write Protocol activity (2) is required at the end of the process.



Protocol entries

Using target activities such as 'Click Element' or 'Set Text', the protocol entry always contains a screenshot with the target highlighted in red.



Besides specifying the type of the protocol, it is also possible to prevent an activity from being written into the protocol. To do this, simply check the Disable protocol property found in every activity.


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