The Ribbon

The ribbon provides users access to a variety of functions. In the ribbon, users will find the following three tabs:



This tab can be used to start a new project or change the settings of the Composer or the current project, such as the assigned activity version or the database environment. Customer support can be accessed by clicking the About Tab within this menu.





The Analyst tab offers a business-oriented view for business process analysts and requires much less technical experience. It presents a simplified representation and view of the activities and properties inside the workflow area. Both types of views (technical and non-technical) can be distinguished by the selected ribbon, and the difference in activity design is shown below.



As shown in these screenshots, the Developer View provides an additional technical property (Clear Input). In both views, all available properties are accessible in the Property pane.

Please note! In order to run the workflow, users are required to switch to the Developer View.

It is also possible to access the variable management view from the Analyst View by clicking on the Lambda icon.




The Developer View is a technical oriented view for users with higher technical experience. It contains functions like the quick access to our indication mode and additional properties in the activity design.

Please note! If indications or properties are missing to execute the workflow, this is only shown in the Developer View.


Action Description
(1) Run Run the workflow in dry mode (without a task).
(2) Run with task Run the workflow with a task from the maintained environment. (Disabled if there is no environment maintained in the project settings).
(3) Stop Stops the workflow execution.
(4) Variable Management Manage variables, arguments, imports and map variables.

During the workflow execution the items inside the Developer ribbon will change as displayed in the screenshot below.


The table below explains each available function.

Action Description
(1) Pause Pause the workflow execution.
(2) Stop Stop the workflow execution.
(3) Variable management Variable management is disabled during workflow execution.
(4) Step by step navigation Mostly used during debugging. The button allows the user to navigate step by step through each activity inside the workflow script.
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